Val di Non to USA

Discovering our ancestors who left Val di Non for a job or better life in America.

To St. Louis, MO



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 BATTOCLETTI, Candida Elena “Helen”  18 Dec 1920To St. Louis, MO I7751
2 BATTOCLETTI, Luigi Pietro  16 Nov 1921To St. Louis, MO I3895
3 BERTAGNOLLI, Francesco Agostino  8 May 1910To St. Louis, MO I7870
4 BERTAGNOLLI, Maria  21 Sep 1907To St. Louis, MO I11290
5 BERTI, Ambrosio (Guglielmo) “William”  16 Apr 1912To St. Louis, MO I11365
6 BIASI, Angelo Valentino  1 Dec 1903To St. Louis, MO I10430
7 BIASI, Eligio Vigilio  6 Dec 1913To St. Louis, MO I10480
8 BONN, Anna Maria Irina  1 Jul 1922To St. Louis, MO I1857
9 CASARI, Gisela Viola  2 Sep 1923To St. Louis, MO I7251
10 COVI, Decimo  2 Sep 1923To St. Louis, MO I8902
11 DALPIAZ, Giuseppe  2 Sep 1923To St. Louis, MO I5987
12 DE CONCINI, Maddalena  5 May 1901To St. Louis, MO I15377
13 DE CONCINI, Severina Maria  5 May 1901To St. Louis, MO I15375
14 DORIGHI, Romano “Herman”  27 Jan 1913To St. Louis, MO I14795
15 FRANCH, Angelo Felice  27 Sep 1913To St. Louis, MO I5850
16 FRANCH, Giovanni Albino  19 Feb 1913To St. Louis, MO I11592
17 GIUS, Giuseppe Francesco  1903To St. Louis, MO I3837
18 GOTTARDI, Giovanni Battista  6 Aug 1906To St. Louis, MO I11826
19 GRAZIADEI, Ester Luigia  28 May 1929To St. Louis, MO I3946
20 INAMA, Angelo  7 Dec 1903To St. Louis, MO I13425
21 LANZEROTTI, Giorgio (Luigi)  7 May 1904To St. Louis, MO I8982
22 LARCHER, Merchiore  24 Jun 1900To St. Louis, MO I10565
23 MELCHIORI, Romilda Rachele  6 Aug 1936To St. Louis, MO I11776
24 MOR, Celestino “Charlie”  15 Apr 1907To St. Louis, MO I288
25 MOR, Giuseppe  8 Apr 1913To St. Louis, MO I11760
26 MOR, Giuseppe Agostino  30 Apr 1920To St. Louis, MO I8540
27 OBEROSLER, Eleanora  31 Jan 1921To St. Louis, MO I8917
28 ODORIZZI, Francesco Giovanni  5 Aug 1887To St. Louis, MO I2588
29 OSSANNA, Achille Francesco  20 Nov 1923To St. Louis, MO I7595
30 OSSANNA, Eligio  4 Jul 1921To St. Louis, MO I7589
31 PELLEGRINI, Angelo  3 Dec 1906To St. Louis, MO I10566
32 RIZZI, Abele Francesco  12 May 1906To St. Louis, MO I644
33 RIZZI, Alberto Ignazio  27 Jan 1913To St. Louis, MO I10714
34 RIZZI, Guido Angelo  21 Feb 1913To St. Louis, MO I4498
35 RIZZI, Onorato  27 Sep 1913To St. Louis, MO I13801
36 VALENTINI, Giovanni (Damiano)  5 Aug 1887To St. Louis, MO I8826
37 VALENTINI, Giuseppe Guglielmo  7 Dec 1903To St. Louis, MO I14406
38 VIOLA, Giuseppe Giulio  15 Jun 1893To St. Louis, MO I15229
39 ZILLER, Giuseppe  18 Nov 1913To St. Louis, MO I1745
40 ZINI, Fortunato (Giuseppe)  24 Jun 1900To St. Louis, MO I14071
41 ZINI, Simone Basilio  24 Jun 1900To St. Louis, MO I14074

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