Val di Non to USA

Discovering our ancestors who left Val di Non for a job or better life in America.

The Villages of Val Di Non

The communities of Val di Non:

Amblar, Arsio, Banco, Bresimo, Brez, Cagno, Campodenno, Casez, Castelfondo, Cavareno, Cis, Cles, Cloz, Coredo, Cunevo, Dambel, Dardine, Denno, Dercolo, Dermulo, Don, Flavon, Fondo, Lanza-Mocenigo, Livo, Lover, Malgolo, Malosco, Marcena, Mechel, Nanno, Pavillo, Preghena, Prio, Revo, Romallo, Romeno, Ronzone, Ruffre, Rumo, Salter, Salobbi, Sanzeno, Sarnonico, Scanna, Segno, Seio, Senale-San Felice, Sfruz, Smarano, Sporminore, Taio, Tassullo, Tavon, Termon, Terres, Ton, Torra, Tos(s), Traversara, Tregiovo, Tres, Tret, Tuenno, Vasio, Vervo, Vigo di Anaunia, Vigo di Ton


***Looking for your brave ancestor who left Val di Non and arrived on American shores?***

There were many thousands who came prior to 1920. Many came to work and then returned to Italy (then part of Austria.) Others settled in the US and their descendants continue on.

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My grandparents, Attilio Erspamer (1893-1982) and Ester Graziadei (1895-1981), came from Malosco and Fondo.

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