Val di Non to USA

Discovering our ancestors who left Val di Non for a job or better life in America.

Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNOLDI, Giovanni Ferdinando  12 May 1941Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I5385
2 BERTAGNOLLI, Fanny  8 May 1946Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I5454
3 BERTAGNOLLI, Nicolo (Lorenzo)  Dec 1976Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I3510
4 BERTAGNOLLI, Tileo  5 Jul 2006Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I3547
5 BOTT, Olivo Luigi  27 Sep 1929Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I13188
6 CALCARI, Giovanni Attilio  18 Jan 1939Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I2983
7 CALOVINI, Giuseppe Eugenio  26 Jul 1935Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I4113
8 CANESTRINI, Mary Caterina  27 Mar 1959Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I2896
9 COVI, Antonio Emanuele “Victor E”  3 Aug 1946Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I1981
10 COVI, Giuseppe Giacomo (Joe Jack)  1 Aug 1972Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I398
11 DALLAO, Luigi Valentino  2 Jan 1942Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I8457
12 DALPIAZ, Giambattista  23 Jan 1918Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I3922
13 DONA, Erminia Giuditta  26 Jan 1968Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I5384
14 DONA, Giovanni  8 Mar 1928Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I12880
15 ERSPAMER, John Peter  24 Nov 1989Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I3962
16 ERSPAMER, Pietro Simone  4 Jan 1923Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I3949
17 FANTI, Emma Elena Serafina  23 Apr 1924Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I4473
18 FILIPPI, Ottone Olivo  2 May 1938Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I7906
19 GIUS, Tommaso Lodovico  2 Sep 1934Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I8519
20 GUARIENTI, Carolina Maria  5 Jan 1946Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I16159
21 IOB, Modesto Antonio  3 Jun 1947Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I6828
22 MARTINELLI, Alessandro Pietro  25 Dec 1940Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I6462
23 MARTINELLI, Davide Giuseppe  20 Oct 1916Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I11550
24 MENAPACE, Carlo Giuseppe  25 Nov 1923Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I6468
25 MENGHINI, Ermano “Herman”  8 Jul 1937Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I5665
26 MOGGIO, Dionigio (Alfonso)  21 Feb 1937Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I11518
27 PARIS, Giovanni Michele  15 Mar 1928Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I6593
28 PARIS, Ida  8 Mar 1957Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I10088
29 PREVEDEL, Anna  25 Dec 1932Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I10076
30 RUCHELI, Luigi Natale  4 Nov 1939Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I7747
31 RUFFINI, Giovanni Bartolommeo  4 Dec 1941Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I1575
32 SCANZONI, Giuseppe Marco  13 Dec 1939Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I2080
33 TOSOLINI, Giuseppe Luigi  27 Feb 1968Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I8192
34 VENDER, Candida Teresa  21 Mar 1948Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois I9159

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