Val di Non to USA

Discovering our ancestors who left Val di Non for a job or better life in America.

To Seattle, WA



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 ABRAM, Bernardino (Giuseppe)  19 Jun 1910To Seattle, WA I10097
2 ABRAM, Giuseppe Nicolo  5 Nov 1906To Seattle, WA I10096
3 COVI, Michele  5 Nov 1906To Seattle, WA I10104
4 FELLIN, Domenica  23 Jan 1904To Seattle, WA I864
5 GALEAZ, Filomena Candida  26 May 1920To Seattle, WA I14566
6 GIULIANI, Floriano (Davide)  18 Aug 1921To Seattle, WA I6358
7 JULIAN, Maria Valentina Carlotta  15 Aug 1913To Seattle, WA I1436
8 MANINCOR, Leopoldo  24 Dec 1907To Seattle, WA I12125
9 MARINELLI, Mansueto Leopoldo  Dec 1914To Seattle, WA I12398
10 MARINELLI, Rinaldo Cirillo  Dec 1914To Seattle, WA I145
11 MORANDI, Pietro Cirillo  13 Nov 1899To Seattle, WA I12723
12 PREVEDEL, Francesca  15 Feb 1904To Seattle, WA I1988
13 ROSSI, Emma Maria  30 Apr 1920To Seattle, WA I6881

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